The Brooke-Alvinston Skating Club is proud of our synchronized skating teams! Our teams have been successful since 2002, when we first started out with our coach Jacoba Dodge.  We have grown from one team to six teams this year. Five teams will be competing this year. The teams that we are fielding are Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Elementary, Juvenile and Prenovice.  We also have one “Intro to Synchro” – Beginner 1 team that will be skating at our carnival. We are looking forward to another exciting year with all of our teams.

Tryouts will be in June this year –please contact Jacoba Dodge – ( if you are interested in joining the Alvinston Ice Angel family

If you or your child is interested in skating synchro with the Alvinston Ice Angels (or Jacoba’s adult teams – “On the Edge” (Adult 3) or “Ice FX” (Adult 2) please email the coach directly – and the synchro chair – Susan Armstrong –

Go Alvinston Ice Angels Go!


2014-15 Alvinston Ice Angels Committee

Chair – Susan Armstrong

Co-Chair/Fundraising – Shelley Atwell

Treasurer – Susan Armstrong

Secretary – Pam Bruggeman

Public Relations – Tammy MacDonald

Bingo – Crystal Lehrbass

Coach – Jacoba Dodge

On-Ice Practice

Each team has one to three on-ice practices per week.  Practice schedules are team dependant but generally begin at the beginning of September.  With youth teams, a parent is required to stay in the arena during all on ice practices.  If the skater is sick or injured it is generally expected that he/she attend the practice to observe (assuming that her illness/injury will allow).  This is because the program is constantly adjusted and improved throughout the season.

Off-Ice Practice

In addition to the on ice practices, synchronized skating requires weekly off ice practices.  Practice schedules are team dependant.  These practices are just as important as on-ice practices.  Skaters learn foot sequences, head movements, and arm holds for their routine.  For off-ice practice, parental attendance is not required – you will simply be asked to drop off your skater and then return to pick them up.  Skaters will not be released until parents or guardians arrive.  Off ice attire will typically be any athletic wear and running shoes with hair in a pony tail.


Competitions may be ‘away’ and require overnight hotel stay – competitions are generally within Ontario.  The Accommodation Co-Ordinator co-ordinates the booking of block hotel accommodation.  Overnight accommodation is co-ordinated based on the skating schedule for the particular competition.  We do not have a team bus; parents and skaters are required to provide their own transportation to/from the competitions.  Detailed competition logisitcs are sent out 1 week prior to each competition and are team dependant.


Select from one of the divisions below for more information




Beginner 1 Team

Beginner 2 Team

Intro to Synchro


Synchro Dresses For Sale

Adult 2 – Ice FX

Red and Black Sequin Dress

18 dresses

Contact Trisha Westgate for more info



Jan 16, Saturday
Feb 27, Saturday
Mar 28th, Monday
Test Day Fee $12/test
(Skate Canada Increase)

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  Synchro News


Synchro Practices

Regular Synchro Practice Times :


8:30-9:30am Beg 2

9:30-10:50am Elementary


10-11am Juvenille

11-11:30 Synchro Skills (pending)

11:30-1 Pre-Novice

First Friday of Month:

Juv & Pre-Novice (details to follow)

  Registration 2015/2016:
Mark your calendar for the 2015/2016 Skating Season!

It’s not too late to register…

CSA Approved helmet required for Stage 5 and under.

Missed Registration Night/Or have questions?

Contact Tammy McDonald or Shelley Atwell

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