As you will note in your registration package, as well as the Terms of Membership download, it is YOUR responsibility to fulfill your mandatory fundraising requirements. The Skating Year runs from September 1 through August 31st of the following year.

Your fundraising must be completed for the current season between those dates mentioned, they CANNOT be carried forward to the next season. If ALL Fundraising requirements are not met, your cheque WILL BE deposited.

Please NOTE: It is up to each individual parent/guardian to know what is expected of them. There will NOT be any phone calls or emails reminding you if your fundraising has not been met.

Any additional meals or bingos worked over and above your requirement will entitle you to a credit towards your child’s next years registration.

We are always looking for volunteers for our fundraising efforts. Please see the information below for details and contact information for each.

A parent is required to do two meals for each child that they have in skating. These meals are held every first and third Monday of the month from the beginning of September throu the end of May. If the meeting falls on a holiday then the meal is changed to the following Monday of that month. If you are interested in a certain date, please contact Pam Bruggeman at 519-287-3767 or by email  [email protected]

Thoughout the year there are several banquet and wedding meals that are done. Check the bulletin boards periodically or contact Pam Bruggeman (above contact information) when these meals become available.

We are proud and thankful to everyone that helps out, these meals bring in a great amount of money to help keep the costs down for our skaters.


Any questions or concerns about the bingo dates or want to know more about the bingo fundraising, please get in touch with Amanda Shelley by email [email protected]

or at the arena.




Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates
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  Registration 2017/2018:
Registration for the upcoming season will be completed by:
Learn to Skate Ages 3+

CSA Approved helmet required for Stage 5 and under.


Questions for Brooke Alvinston Skating Club may be emailed to [email protected]

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